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This Is Northern New South Wales

Artist | Hobie Porter

Follow the clouds to Mount Warning, take a right across a low wooden bridge still draped in the remnants of the last flood and head into a lost valley. More creek crossings, narrow bridges… rolling hills closing out into vertical jungle. In this elemental, primal landscape you’ll find a timber studio, so in place with its surroundings that it looks like it’s grown from the rainforest floor.

Welcome to the home of landscape artist Hobie Porter, a seeker of the sublime. His work demands a closer inspection, an invitation to meditate, not just on the obvious technical mastery but on the deeper meanings within. Hidden messages as richly layered and complex as the oils he uses. Take time to absorb the detail – the individual brushstrokes reveal a dedicated and committed creative pulse.

Hobies recent exhibition, Continuum, at Arthouse Gallery in Sydney was perhaps his most ambitious to date, exploring on a grand scale our relationship with the environment –a common thread through much of his work.  I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Hobie at his studio in the lead up to the exhibition and witness his zen-like approach, his inspirations, and the creative process.

The footage I shot and edited is a quiet reflection of the artist in his element. Thanks Hobie for letting me into this private and intriguing world.

Words, Photos and Video by Geoff Southward – Shot on a Nikon D3100 with 35mm 1.8 prime lens