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This Is Northern New South Wales

Crying Wolf – Johnny Treadgold

We always enjoy seeing what our creative community get up to.

One of our new contributors Johnny Treadgold has created an online surf-zine called Crying Wolf. Questions followed…

Where did the inspiration come from to create Crying Wolf?
I think the idea came about when my mate Jamie and I were up in the islands of North Sumatra, we were both throwing around ideas about stories of the people we were meeting and it just seemed natural to bring it all together with photos. I’ve got heaps of photos from all my travels over the years and I’m always writing stories so it’s just grown as a way to share my work. In the end the hardest part was learning to use InDesign.
What are your thoughts on the evolution from Print Media to Digital?
I’m actually a die-hard fan of traditional books and magazines. I love the resurgence of new mags that are layed-out with style and printed on heavy stock. I’ve got no doubt printed books will always be with us, but the change to digital was inevitable and it just gives people more options. I’d love to do a print run of Crying Wolf, but at the moment i’m happy keeping it low-key, I just want to get my stories out there.

Is surfing to you a metaphor for how one should live their life?
Surfing is definitely a way of life, it’s far more than a sport. It begins to influence everything you do. But every surfer is different and every wave is different, I think that sums up the endless possibilities for creativity that we have in this world.

You’ve just moved to Byron Bay, how has that been for evoking the creativity?
I’ve been here for a year now, so I guess to some that is a recent move, but people come and go so much from this town, It’s starting to feel like home though. There aren’t many people in the 9-to-5 groove up here so there’s a different perception of work and what’s important, there’s a real focus on individuality and doing what you love. If you can wrangle some self-discipline then you can find a pretty sweet balance of life around here.
What’s next for Mr Johnny Treadgold?
At the moment I’m just focusing on writing and surfing. I’ve been getting up at dawn most days taking photos for my website Seeing the sunrise is a killer way to start the day. I just write everyday and try to maintain motivation, it’s so damn easy to get distracted in this town. I’ve got so many stories that are half finished, but one in particular is starting to get a little out of control, I’ve started thinking it might turn into a novel, but we’ll have to wait and see, that’s a pretty daunting task.