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Monkey Monkey Shake Shake


MonkeyMonkeyShakeShake_Lone_Goat_Gallery_2017_1Lone Goat Gallery is proud to present the earth-quaking, Neo-Dada, punk-crafted explosion of Monkey Monkey Shake Shake. MMSS combine music, performance, costume, dance, art, comedy, animation and film – creating their own irresistible mythology, characters and genre-defying world.

Monkey Monkey Shake Shake was created in 2014 when Sheldon wrote a song about a Grizzly Bear. His creative partner Sem usually animated the songs but they were sick of being stuck in the studio after a long year of completing a kid’s DVD called ‘Little Frog’.

So they dumped the computers, designed costumes with artist & collaborator, Myo and made themselves into live characters. They danced and filmed the Grizzly Bear song on the streets of Byron and Brisbane. Then Tokyo. Then Seoul. There was something that crossed culture, age, sex, boundaries. People came out of their shell.

So they wrote more songs, made more costumes, and performed on more streets, at a rabbi party, a gallery in Seoul, Brisbane Powerhouse, Splendour in the Craft at Splendour in the Grass 2016-17, beaches, train stations, and AGI Open – the world’s most respected design conference.

During their four-week season at Lone Goat Gallery, MMSS will present an installation, video and documentaries, workshop and live performances, turning the gallery into an open residency and studio. On any day, visitors might encounter the artists at work, rehearsing, recording, creating new works – or in their absence, the evolving residue and outcome of their activity.

Monkey Monkey Shake Shake will collaborate with artist and costumier Myo Yim to present a Grizzly Bear Felt Hat Workshop and Grizzly Bear picnic on Saturday August 26 from 12-3pm at Lone Goat Gallery. The workshop is $65 including all materials and afternoon tea. Place limited to 25 persons.


EXHIBITION: August 11 until September 6 2017
OPENING AND PERFORMANCE: Saturday 12 August 4-6pm – Free
GRIZZLY BEAR FELT HAT WORKSHOP: Saturday 26 August 12-3pm
Hosted by artist and costumier Myo Yim
$65 per person
25 places available
Afternoon tea supplied
PERFORMANCE: Saturday 26 August 4pm – Free
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