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Keith Ka’la Kavisic: Connecting the Spirit

The Byron Spirit Festival is fast approaching, bringing the iconic town of Mullumbimby to life on the weekend of March 20-22. The Spirit Festival always attracts a diverse array of people who flock to the area to embrace two days of yoga, dance, kirtan, healthy food, inspiring community, eclectic markets and the opportunity to sink into an alternative space of internal journeying and outward bliss that Byron has become synonymous with. This year offers an impressive line up of teachers, guest speakers and musicians from both the local Byron region and abroad. For the next several weeks in the lead up to the festival, Common Ground will be highlighting several guest teachers and performers, sharing what it is they are offering at the festival and also finding the threads of similarity between the Byron Spirit Festival and the Spirit and Festive nature of Byron itself, through their eyes.

The first installation of these articles introduces  Keith Ka’la Kavisic, someone whose journey brings him back to the shores of Byron again and again from his home in Bali, to bask in the community and magic that Byron offers.

Kelly Fielding – What are you offering at the Byron Spirit Festival this March?

Keith Ka’la Kavisic – I am excited to come back to the shire to share my inspiration and opening in the reflection of a new world we are all creating together where the currency is our sharing of the infinite gift of life we are with and for each other. Sharing the message that we are each medicine to the earth and to each other when we truly shine the truth of our being, and its time to gather the nations strong. I will be sharing a solo offering in the daytime to go on a heart journey through sonic alchemy, stories of challenge and victory as well as channeling the space for us to come together and co-create the vessel of infinite being.  

And as an offering of our collective i will come together with Robert Weber and Vieux as well as other special local and international guests on the final evening to create a ceremony of celebration and expression from sound journey to ecstatic celebratory movement to launch us all empowered into the now!

KF –  Do you feel that the festival is an accurate reflection and celebration of what the Byron Shire encompasses and stands for?

KK – Wow big question as the shire contains such a wealth of culture and depth of spirit. I feel that Byron Spirit is a great representation of the collective family that is coming together from across the world to offer reverence to spirit and the land from which it comes. The last time i attended i was very honoured to share time with some of the custodial elders of the land and to witness their voices being given a platform to share of the wisdom of their ways. I feel so deeply that it is time for us all to recognise and acknowledge the stewards of all lands that are committed to bringing harmony back to the rhythm of the land in which we use as our foundation to play, pray and pay.

KF –  What do you feel people from outside of Byron that visit the festival take away with them?

KK – Simply put, I think that everyone who walks away from this festival has a reminder of our infinite being and as with all things that takes focus and devotion. Byron Spirit has been an amazing learning experience for me as it provides so many different avenues of connection to spirit. Although a big focus is on Yoga and meditation, the connection with international community gives so much opportunity to connect with others who share similar perspectives, but the true gift always feels lie seeing those perspective through the many different lenses which we each view life through, so with that the connection to family tribe and a platform to come together and focus our energies on the spirit which lives in each of us is the biggest gift.

KF –  If you had one message to share with the guests what would that be?

KK – We are the medicine! And the more we appreciate and shine the gifts that we are here to share the more we see that in everyone around us.  

KF –  What does ‘spirit’ mean to you?

KK – To me Spirit is that which encompasses all, free of identity and dogma or story, spirit is simply the life which live within each of us and is our bridge to each other. Breath coming back to the breath, that which gives us this life.


KF –  How important do you feel these kinds of events are and why?

KK – In our current world, at least in most of it, we have been distanced from culture, ceremony, tradition and roots where most of our commonplace story revolves around money. This is why festivals concerts and parties on a large scale have become so popular. Now we are recognising the power of collective intention and gathering, beyond the party, where we may once again use this collective energy towards that which we wish to bring more present in our lives, so that we may thrive together, create lineage of support and alliance for projects, have support for accountability and create a platform in which learn with each other as well as celebrate that which we learn!! Byron Spirit is an epic grounding rod for this work and so grateful for Kate and Alex for having the vision and devotion to bring it through.

KF –  What is one event/class/lecture you are looking forward to attending at the festival?

KK – I always love connecting with eastern flow methods and this year really looking forward to meeting Master Liu and doing a session with Simon Low.

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