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This Is Northern New South Wales

‘Lake’ – Dancing on Water at NORPA

Floods, thunderstorms, rolling waves and swollen creeks – we are all intimately connected to water in this region – it’s the Northern Rivers after all!

Acclaimed choreographer Lisa Wilson has plumbed the depths of our fear and fascination with water with a major new dance theatre work ‘Lake’, coming to NORPA this month. The stage of Lismore City Hall will be flooded, literally. It’s not the first time the building has experienced flood, but never on purpose. ‘Lake’ merges contemporary dance, video and sound to create an immersive experience.
IMG_6097 NORPA2014 Credit Fen-Lan Chuang 770

IMG_5610 NORPA2014 Credit Fen-Lan Chuang 770“It began in 2009 as a trickle of images and ideas from different sources. After seeing a studio showing of Queensland Ballet’s Swan Lake, I began thinking about a work based at an Australian lake. I was inspired by the intense beauty and chilling isolation of a lake, and the primal undercurrents of what lies submerged. The second development of the work was driven by the image of emotional drowning, or drowning from the inside. We wanted to explore the idea of breaking the surface tension of a relationship and dredging up what lies beneath.” says choreographer Lisa Wilson.

‘Lake’ Trailer from Performing Lines on Vimeo.

‘Lake’ is on at NORPA at Lismore City Hall for two shows only – Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21st May, 7:30pm.
If you want to get along early there’ll be a pop-up diner by Olive and Luca, bar and live music from 6pm.
Bookings: or 1300 066 772

IMG_6339 NORPA2014 Credit Fen-Lan Chuang 770 IMG_7170_02 NORPA2014 Credit Fen-Lan Chuang 770 IMG_7281 NORPA2014 Credit Fen-Lan Chuang 770 IMG_7517 NORPA2014 Credit Fen-Lan Chuang 770