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This Is Northern New South Wales

My Radio Heart

MRH_Zac&Claudie_blacklandscape900x486px _Credit KateHolmes MRH_Lydian_greenlush900x486_Credit KateHolmesLast week NORPA at Lismore City Hall premiered their new homegrown theatre work My Radio Heart, created in collaboration with Sydney’s Urban Theatre Projects. My Radio Heart is definitely a voice of a new generation – cast members of different abilities come together in a very creative and progressive work.

The story is a beautiful yet sad one of loss, love and through projected video, an augmented reality. The way the story makes use of visual, sound and story together was quite moving, in particular when one of the main characters, Lydian sang live with the digital music. His voice was haunting and touching.

The music created by local mixed abilities electronic music band Tralala Blip and it fit the projections and script perfectly. The mood was completely defined by the music – impressive, not surprisingly of a band who have worked with each other for several years, created three albums and toured nationally.

The best part about the performance of My Radio Heart was the use of space – physically and within the rhythm of the script. There was room for thought and silence and it was intense, but very refreshing.  This has been something of a signature of the productions I have seen of NORPA’s homegrown productions. The timing is always impeccable – relaxing, intense, important and purposeful.

If you have any friends in Sydney, encourage them to go and see My Radio Heart April 10 – 12 at Bankstown Arts Centre. Get them to experience the richness of theatre created here and indulge in a new generation of technology mixed with traditional actor relationships. A sweet yet sad story is there to be told, and the more you think about the production, the more layers it reveals.

More info about My Radio Heart’s Sydney Season April 10 -12

Review thanks to Mel Carrero photos by Kate Holmes

MRH_Zac&Claudie_golden_900x486 Credit Kate Holmes MyRadioHeart_Claudiepussycat&Lydian_Kate Holmes_900px MyRadioHeart_Lydian&Claudie_900px MyRadioHeart_Randolf&Lydia_900px MyRadioHeart_Zac&goggles_900px_Kate Holmes_29