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This Is Northern New South Wales

Peter’s little place in the sun

photoWalk down the beach track on the western side of The Main Beach carpark, and you will come across a divine little art installation. Made up of weavings from Pandanus leaves to make seats so that you can sit and enjoy the view, through to hanging displays of shells and pumice stone collected from the beach. This little pop up gallery seems to be growing every day.

Whilst walking today with a friend and her dog we came across Peter, curator of this little beachside gallery. Peter explained that he started with the seats made from Pandanus leaves as he used to weave things and make other bits and pieces from the leaves when he was a child and they came to visit the beach from the bush.

His purpose now is to keep and area that often had disguarded bottles of booze and cigarettes thrown around everywhere…..clean. Peter explained since he has been showing this area some love and built this little art space, people have been stopping and talking and making things with him adding to his every growing piece of art. There has also been nothing left around rubbish wise out of respect, and he  believes that his initiative and pride has inspired others to keep the area clean…..we agree. Thanks for your work Peter.

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