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This Is Northern New South Wales

A Darker Face, A Moody Place

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Eastern Awakening : Byron Bay – Buy Photo

This morning made you feel alive.

Byron Bay has been showing us a darker face. Rain from the moody sky above, fresh Westerly winds up early. That washing seems to never dry.

As the clock struck 7:23am this morning, the broody environment was refreshed by glimmers of light from an Eastern rise. The weather that kept most of us undercover over the weekend was set free, as people walked the beaches of Byron’s Main Beach and swam in the 20+ degree water of joy.

The excitement of the “Supermoon” on Saturday was unfortunately never seen through our thicker shade of Grey, but if you lucky enough to surrender to her mood, you where rewarded with smiling moments of black.

Bring on Winter!

Gods Claw : Byron Bay – Kirra Pendergast

No Entry : Byron Bay – Buy Photo

Sky Volcano : Byron Bay – Kirra Pendergast

Darker Face : Byron Bay – Buy Photo

Lonesome Hills : Byron Bay – Kirra Pendergast