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This Is Northern New South Wales

A morning at Flat Rock

Looking for something free to do with the kids these holidays?

This morning we went to Flat Rock with my almost 3 year old niece who was beside herself excited about the rock pools (or in Marley speak – wok pools), squealing her favourite word at the moment “awesome” at every opportunity.

Flat Rock is located between Sharpes Beach and Angels Beach a few kilometres south of Lennox Point. It is a dog friendly beach, but please keep your dogs off the rock platform as it has an amazing and delicate marine ecosystem – it is also teaming with birdlife, some of which are endangered. The rock itself is a basalt outcrop that stretches out to sea and is a fantastic spot that during whale season is great to watch whales from, it also has a nice little surf break either side.

Kids love it. Adults love it. I love it. You can literally lose hours wandering around the rock pools, checking out the little sea gardens in them. It is amazingly relaxing and a special kind of therapy.

Oh and the really great thing! Kids end up exhausted. We had barely started the car and she was sound asleep.