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This Is Northern New South Wales

Alone Time

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Heaven : Byron Bay – More Photos

Summer continues in marvelous waves of sunshine.

The beaches in town are still busy with surfers on waves, carparks are filled with conversation, sun-baked bodies are tanned with beauty. Byron Bay is still in full swing. Always the place to be.

Amidst the fun times. One still needs a moment for oneself. The sun ignites our social ways, drawn to each other in iconic gatherings at the Pass and Wategos Beach. Suddenly, you find yourself wandering by yourself, smiling at your own sanctuary. Your own slice of heaven.

An open beach. 25 degree water laps the shoreline. Your need to interact replaced with the blue sky, and the call of the warm northerly wind. Smiling, as you feel the ocean upon your skin, while a washed up coconut admires your view.

You never know what you will find just around Cape Byron in a beautiful Autumn day. Maybe you will find Summer. Maybe you will find yourself.