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This Is Northern New South Wales

Beach Culture

We all do a bit of reminising.

Sometimes the glory of the past can still be with you (even with the cold weather on this Grey Thursday).

On Tuesday, I found myself at Main Beach under picturesque blue skies. I’m not one for following the crowds, and usually try my best to go to beaches that I know are people-less, but the energy was addictive. I was drawn to it.

People from all corners of the world can be found smiling in the white sand of Byron’s Main Beach. It has such a vibrant, lively atmosphere that takes a hold of you. The swell was up, the surfers were stoked, the rays were warm. I could see families, childhood friends, teenagers on holiday, volleyball enthusiasts, the lonely ponderers, dogs and the list goes on, all taking in a slice of paradise for their own. Main Beach is like one big happy family. Left behind are those problems we all share.

So today on a grim Thursday, my mind drifts back to these still images I took of that day. And even for someone like me who has lived in Byron Bay for over 15 years… I still get a dose of nostalgia from those days of yesterday.


Images shot on a Nikon D7000 with the 28-300mm FX lens.