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This Is Northern New South Wales

Celebrate being CSG Free!

Communities across three Shires unite to celebrate 97% support for CSG free!

Three small community formed groups have just finished surveying around 1000 residents covering three Northern Rivers shires (Byron, Lismore and Ballina) and whilst the final results are still being collated the result, at this stage, shows over 97% of its population want the area kept gasfield free.

To celebrate all the hard work, the communities of Newrybar, Nashua, Fernleigh, Teven, Knockrow, Brooklet and Tintenbar will host a community celebration to present their Gasfield Free Road Declarations to their local mayors – who will all be in attendance. Over 50 roads will be declared at the event.

The fight to keep our land, water and air CSG free has united these communities and this day symbolises their determination to protect our health and that of our environment.

Presently the entire Northern Rivers area is either under a petroleum licence (three main companies) or an application for a licence is being considered. The licence covering our local area is held by Arrow Energy.




Although you may think it unlikely that a gas well will be drilled in your street if the terrain is hilly, that does not mean that you will be unaffected.

In 2012 a scientific study by researchers at Southern Cross University monitored methane levels in air and water around active gas fields in Southern Queensland. Methane levels were found to be much higher around gas fields when compared to levels in the Richmond valley where no coal seam gas extraction activities are occurring. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and hence increased levels in the environment are detrimental to all of us as well as promoting climate change.

Coal seam fracking techniques rely on high concentrations of chemicals to free methane gas from its trapped state and it is these chemicals that can pollute our aquifer system.
It is not necessary to live nearby to a gas well to suffer the effects. Our total environment is under threat through these activities.

To show what could be lost if mining is allowed in this area there will be a table display of the rich bounty grown in the local area.  Please bring a sample of your home grown produce to add to the display.

Throughout the day there will be a sausage sizzle and great raffles from local businesses operating in the area to help raise funds for the campaign. Coffee and cakes also available.

Please contact Carmel on 66291472 for any further information about the Celebration Day.

Gasfield Free Road Declaration Day – Tintenbar Oval
Sunday 3rd February 2013  
10 am to 12 noon  (11 am – Presentation of Road Declarations to Local Mayors)
Followed by a BYO Family Picnic, Music and Games Afternoon.