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This Is Northern New South Wales

Cruising the crowds at Bluesfest

Kirra Pendergast-8964   The crowd at Bluesfest felt pretty fantastic. The mood was good given the weather was dry and gorgeous for the entirety of the festival, and the people were lovely too (looking and in nature!). You could sit by for hours scoping out the cool and unique outfits out there, whether it be a fairy, a guitar playing turtle or your regular Joe  who happens to look on-trend because he kept his shirt for 20 years, everyone seemed to be dressing to express rather than impress, but it was impressive none-the-less. The youngin’s were rocking their 90’s look (take note of the three girls, two dressed like they came out of The Craft movie and the other from Clueless) and those older were a bit more laid back. You could pick a Byron local from a mile away, with a relaxed 70’s feel coming from the locals (must have a nod to a western style with a cowboy boot or fringe!). Two of the favourites were a silver-haired gent who wore a shirt that said “I’m not perfect, I’m just awesome” which just about summed up the feel of the crowd, and a gorgeous woman whose large flower crown and big turquoise necklace combo were just beautiful. The festival attire and personalities to match were a combination of relaxed fashion with a bohemian feel, luckily no short shorts with bum cheeks coming out like some other festivals may provide!

Words and photo’s – Mel Carrero

Kirra Pendergast-2135

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