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This Is Northern New South Wales

Cuteness Overload

1-Cygnets-Deb-Pearse-Common-Ground 3-Cygnets-Deb-Pearse-Common-Ground About a year ago, I photographed a Black Swan pair and their five cygnets. Black Swans pair for life. Sadly, a fox or wild dog killed the adult and two cygnets in one go, which I found. There were three cygnets left, one had half his head bitten off but still swam and paddled and ate with his mum and siblings. I called him Davie (as in David and Goliath). Anyway, whatever it was got him too and the other two cygnets. 2-Cygnets-Deb-Pearse-Common-Ground 4-Cygnets-Deb-Pearse-Common-Ground It’s taken a year but there’s a pair who’ve just had five cygnets. Two disappeared quite quickly; I think to eels. The parents moved to the more shallow end of the pond and hastily built a new nest. I’ve never seen them do that before but three cygnets are going strong and growing little wings. There are a couple of White-belled Sea-eagles hanging around but the parents are very vigilant. When the cygnets sleep the parents circle them, one napping while the other keeps watch. If they go to the bigger pond, mum and dad are in front and behind and hyper aware of threats. 7-Cygnets-Deb-Pearse-Common-Ground 5-Cygnets-Deb-Pearse-Common-Ground The cygnets are now flexing their little wings but it will be months before they can fly and are ‘safe’. Meanwhile, the bigger they get the less chance that predators will pick them off. View more images here.