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This Is Northern New South Wales

Trash Town

And… so begins Monday the transformation of “Trash Town” back to it’s original glory of Byron Bay. Starting tomorrow (August 1st), the Council will be conducting a Kerbside Clean Up service for all the bulky waste that has been lying around of late. Personally I thought it all made such an interesting photograph. The Trash is almost Art, and if you’ve seen Exit Through the Gift Shop, then Art truly is an interpretation. This landscape of over-consumerism is also a link directly into the minds of the trashee perhaps…

This service is only available to urban households that receive a weekly Council household waste service, so for advice/assistance telephone Solo Resource Recovery on 02 6687 0455.

You can also find a timetable HERE to find out when your area will be Trash free and your discarded wares collected. Try entering your town into Tidy Towns at the moment! Ha.

Words & Photos by Johnny Abegg
Photos taken on a Nikon D7000, 35mm/1.8 lens