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This Is Northern New South Wales

Esa Lilly- Humans of Byron Bay


After Esa Lilly discovered Humans of New York a few years back, she was surprised ‘Humans of Byron Bay’ hadn’t already been established. “I thought wow this is so inspirational, I just loved the whole positive vibe this page brought.”


“I am a Byron icon.”

‘Humans of Byron Bay’ is a photo journalistic look at people on the streets of Byron Bay. Esa has been photographing the eclectic humans that roll through the bay since August last year.

As a professional photographer herself, photographing family portraits and weddings, Humans of Byron Bay was a hobby to fill time and further her passion for photography. “We all just do it for love”.


“Sure, be quick I gotta run”

For Esa there has always been an interest in different walks of life in Byron. Emphasising that the page is neither a beauty contest nor a specific focus on locals. It’s about taking photos of the diverse people that come into the town whether their local or not- they make up the town and make it interesting.

It was very interesting hearing the stories and how she approaches people.


Seen: Main Beach Park, living the dream.

“One guys stopped me in the street once with tears in his eyes, he said thank you so much, you took an amazing photo of my daughter, thank you…those sorts of things make it worth while.”

With talks of an exhibition in the distant future, Humans of Byron Bay is definitely one to watch!


“The mysterious sand man, leaving his mark on Main Beach again.”


“I’ve been hula-hooping for 20 years now. When I started, I was juggling and doing other things, too, but no one else was hula-hooping. I was one of the first street performers to really start hula-hooping. I even travelled across Europe doing it.”


“I wouldn’t mind someone riding me around Byron, sitting in a basket with a bag of jellybeans next to me for a day.”


“Put your money where your mouth is”

See the facebook page and all Humans of Byron Bay photos here:


instagram: humansofbyronbay





contact:  0401 438 823