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This Is Northern New South Wales

Byron Bay SummerDays (film)

If you have ever attempted to make a film before, you would know it’s a HUGE endeavour!

We approaching the premier of Byron Bay SummerDays on Wednesday July 25th, and it’s the first filmmaking effort of local surfer and creative Dominic Sullivan.

The film uses Byron Bay as it’s leading character (a very handsome one at that), and comes at our way of life and culture through our youth. We won’t go on about it a we probed a few questions to ‘Dom’, to fill in the gaps…

Tell us a bit about the film and what inspired you to make it? Being interested in film i guess the reason was why not? There was nothing stopping me, I had the time and recently acquired the equipment .What better way to hone your skills as a filmmaker than to make a movie!I have know the basics as an editor but had no real education it was a big learning curve for me , the internet was my teacher. Inspiration was all around me , the natural beauty of the area was calling out to me. I basically just lived my live as i always have but this summer I brought a camera along to capture everything.The movie is how I see Byron but I really tried to show all of the town from every angle.There is work in the film from several local film makers across all the themes of the movie Johnny Abegg, Harry Triglone, Harry Deacon, Eli Ayo, Harry Bryne just to name a few.It’s a lifestyle film delving into the surf , music , travel and people of Byron Bay. Its interesting how many so people travel whom originate from Byron , there is some really interesting short films being made and I thought they had to be in the film, maybe not Byron but people from Byron traveling the world only to realise how great this place really is.

Who stars in the film? 
The film is loosley based around my life, my friends and interesting people around the community. Music is a big part of the youth of the town and with so many diverse scene’s, I set out to record and capture an artist from the Rap (FunnyMoney), Hardcore (ParkwayDrive) and Soul (Soulman) music of Byron Bay. Some amazing edits from Eli Ayo currently traveling in India, Harry Bryne hitchhiking from Canada to Mexico, and Harry Deacon exploring Japan Byron’s youth has been bitten by the travel bug.

This movie is about the youth of the town, Garrett Parkes and Josh Sleep cover the surfing sections through the film. While you meet several characters of the town, surfboard shapers, business owners, nomad travellers, no one is really the star of this film it’s about the town and everybody in it, and out of it.

This is your first filmmaking attempt, how has the process been? I didnt know what I was getting myself into to tell you the truth and there was some times when I didnt think I would finish it. But i loved going out on filming mission , meeting characters of the town and having conversation with strangers. I hope everybody can learn as much as I have through the interviews I have done, I definitley didn’t do everything correct but I have taught myself everything and maybe that in its self is original and will show in my movie.

What’s the most annoying, and best part about making film? The best part about making a film has to be having an end product you know how many hours you spent staring at the screen, you know all the ups and downs but there it is a movie to be proud of sitting in front of you.For me not having the highest education in post production I know now that I didn’t do everything the easiest way and that is really frustrating but you learn from that and come out at the end with a wider understanding of film making.Its done and there is no better feeling.

Byron Bay SummerDays Film Premier
25th July | Byron Bay Community Centre | Doors open 6:30 | Starts 7:00 pm
Presale tickets $7.00 avaliable through or $10.00 on the night
Live music and massive raffle!

You can also win 1 of 2 DOUBLE PASSES to see Byron Bay SummerDays by entering our Facebook competition HERE. Winners will be notified on the 24th.