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This Is Northern New South Wales

Iconic, Blurry, Moody, Delight

Iconic : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Iconic. Blurry. Moody. Delight.

These are the four words that pop to mind, when we captured these four images over the weekend in Byron Bay. With the influx of heavy seas, water-tanks filled to the brim, these where just a few moments captured in between the barrage. An iconic little town hidden under the thin grey mood that governed our day-to-day rituals.

And there’s more to come.

Common Ground is back three days a week starting today. Thankyou for supporting our little creative venture, and we look forward to sharing more of Byron Bay in the year to come!

I’m off for a surf!

Blurry : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Moody : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Delight : Byron Bay : Buy Print