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Making the Ginger Blast TV Commercial

gb5Making the Ginger Blast TV Commercial for Byron Bay drink company Ginger Necktar was a pretty inspiring experience.

It’s not often you meet someone as in love with their product as Lois, Ginger Necktar’s owner and founder.  She lives and breathes these drinks, preaching ginger as a health miracle to anyone who’ll listen.  The job came to me through In Hearts Wake, a Byron Bay hardcore band I have worked with a lot recently.  The lead singer, Jake, approached Lois years back to sponsor the band and she did so willingly.  Every tour she loads them up with a huge box of Ginger Necktar products, “natural energy drinks”, as she calls them.


In Hearts Wake do humungous national tours, relying on the powers of ginger to keep them afloat.  I met with Jake and Lois to discuss the possibility of making a TV commercial.

“I want you to go away and have a real Ginger Blast experience”, announced Lois, handing over 7 bottles of Ginger Blast.  “Have one a day for a week and then tell me how you are going to capture that feeling visually.”  I opened one immediately and was blown away by the scorching burn of my first taste.

I spent a week drinking Ginger Blast and felt pretty damn amazing. The ginger fever had me, as Lois said it would.  What I noticed about the drink was that it hit you straight in the face with the initial burn, super hot and strong.  But the lemon, spring water and especially the honey flavours seemed to soothe me afterwards.  They really woke me up!

Lois is a classic Byron Bay nature lover. She felt our ad had to bring across the natural power of both the drink and Byron Bay.  I put together a treatment that tried to capture the heat of the first taste, the rushing in of the cool, soothing flavours and then the fluid balance of the two combining.  “I want you guys to have some fun with this,” said Lois, “I’m not trying to expand my business very much, I’m happy the way it is.  I just want kids to drink my Ginger Blast instead of those Red Bulls and Vs, stop putting battery acid into their systems.”  She’s incredibly passionate about the horrors of Coke and its energy drink brothers.  “I want people from 15-25 to see this and go ‘Aaaaah’, relax a little, get a feel for nature and health.”


We talked a bit further about this and came up with a few guidelines:

  • We needed two fit, healthy, young men.  Preferably surfers.

  • The opening scene would be shot in a landmark Byron location.

  • This drink is about fresh water, so our young men would be having fun in a waterfall type of location.

  • We wanted the effect of the drink to take our protagonist on a bit of a joy ride dream-sequence.

After an early morning at the lighthouse, a few leaps from rope swings and a lot of Ginger Blast, here it is…

I hope you like it,


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