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This Is Northern New South Wales

Many Emotions

The Wreck : Byron Bay : Buy Print

It’s amazing what happens in two days.

An emotional release, as I watch the clouds storm in. The rain falls hard and strong. The sunlight burns fast before a blink of an eye turns it black.

Our weather in Byron Bay has been of mixed moods. One minute your in a rain-jacket, the next your frolicking in your underpants in the warmth of a caressing ocean. It’s actually quite refreshing and exciting. Each time you step out of the comfort of home, you simply don’t know what to expect. Today is no different.

The swells are marching north from the deep southern ocean. The days are now short, but oh so much sweeter. Townsfolk meander through central streets. This is the time when Byron Bay is at it’s best.


Ship Wrecked : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Gold Rush : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Surrender : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Southern Storm : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Trim : Byron Bay : Buy Print