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Paddle for Prostate – Chris Carter

My name is Chris Carter. This year I became one of Australia’s youngest prostate cancer survivors. I am 42 years old.

Following detection, surgery and treatment I have been on the road to recovery. It has been a long and bumpy road but I have always endeavored to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle having competed in sporting events like The Coolangatta Gold and Gold Coast Half Marathon.

As a family and community minded person I want to give something back ‘locally’. I will raise awareness about men’s health issues in a positive and exciting way. My latest ‘new thing’ is Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Last week I completed my first competition in stand up paddle racing and I plan to make paddle board races and surf contests part of my recovery process.

Using my experience, I will get the word out that prostate cancer can happen to younger men and we all need to be aware to get our health checks regularly because it can be cured. Three major events have been planned in 2012 to raise awareness and much needed funds.

On the 29th and 30th September I will be undertaking a 150 km open ocean stand up paddle marathon from Yamba to Kingscliff to raise awareness for Prostate cance and Men’s Health.

I am seeking your support with our fundraising and awareness efforts. In return we will proudly promote your business and your brand as we fight the fight for men’s health issues locally and in Australia. Prostate cancer kills more men per year than breast cancer kills women yet little is known about it.  This needs to change.

Organisations like the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Blue September have provided a lead role nationally for many years and they will be working with us in our local efforts. Our aim is to establish a local group that can continue to raise awareness preemptively and provide advice and support to men diagnosed with prostate and other cancers.

With your help, these community events will become established and continue to raise awareness for local men and boys throughout the region for many years. I look forward to working with you in the future. Your generous support will be most valued and well recognized by our community.

Yours thankfully

Chris Carter

For more information on Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health or