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This Is Northern New South Wales

Carly Brown

Carly Brown is a wonderfully vibrant, smiling and joyous personality, with quite the eye for photography. We thought it would be nice to ask her a few questions about Byron Bay, her photography, and…

Q: How long have you lived in Byron? Where did you come from?
A: 14 months ago after another memorable week of camping in Byron, I finally decided to bite the bullet and migrate here on a solo mission from Sydney, where I had spent 8 yrs floating between Bondi and Freshwater.

Q: Why BB?
A: I move a lot. I love change and meeting new people. I chose the Bay as I wanted take a step back to give myself the opportunity to pursue my creative side rather than dollar signs in the city. I have always loved Byron, not only for the beauty, the beaches and lifestyle… It is the people, the unique sense of community support and the creativity that flows throughout this inspiring little hub – it makes for a pretty sweet place to live!

Q: When did photography enter your life?
A: Cameras have always been a love of mine, although I only grew the courage to put my photos and myself out there this year. So I invested in my first SLR in March and decided to start a blog shortly after.

Q: Is taking photographs a way of connecting with self?
A: As soon as I pick up my camera, I relax. – It’s like a peaceful vortex. For me, taking photos clears the mind and gives me an opportunity to reflect on the goodness I just captured, over and over again. I enjoy nothing more than being able to create memories, share a story and express to others, the way I see life. I don’t want people to miss out or ‘’not recall’’ – I know I want to see it all. I think my friends have had enough of me saying ‘’I wish I brought my camera’’! It now comes with me everywhere…

It is my dream to be able to one day, make a small living out of something I love doing.

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