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This Is Northern New South Wales

Filmmaker Profile – Dylan Wiehahn

Dylan Wiehahn grew up two doors down from the Top Shop in Byron Bay, and went to Cape Byron Steiner School. I met Dylan years ago through another local filmmaker Darius Devas. It was brief.

Dylan studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film/TV) at QUT in Brisbane and fell in love with cinematography. Years later I heard far off tales of Mr Wiehahn in New York, while Darius moved to Melbourne.

Recently, Dylan moved back home to Byron with a new production business, Spring Pictures. It coincided with me watching a piece of his work Sparkly (watch it below) through a friend. I fell in love with the video. It ‘sparkled’ off an email, a coffee followed and these words did too…

So when did the filmmaking love take hold of you?
When I was 15. My mates and I started mucking around with bodyboarding movies at school and pretty quickly moved on to short films. I couldn’t get enough of it, I used to stay back at school until 5 or 6pm editing my films and playing with new effects.

Is it all consuming for you at times? Or have you found a middle ground with your passion?
It can be all consuming, when a good project is in full swing. I think I have found a middle ground these days though, I’m definitely not one of those guys who is filming every minute he can. I like to wait for something special.

You are born/bred in Byron Bay, does it still feel like home?
Yeah Byron is home haha. It’s taking a while to settle back into it but walking down the street and seeing so many familiar faces always reminds me this is my home. I love how small Byron is and yet how big it can feel, a little town with a big heart.

What’s Byron like today for creatives? Is the town changing for the better?
There does seem to be a change in the air. I think Byron has always had a sense of bursting creativity but now it feels a lot more connected, like people have always had little creative pockets in the hills, etc, and now the web has linked them all together. The web seems to be encouraging businesses to show a friendly face and they are looking to creatives to help them achieve this. Seeing the tourism businesses using the town’s creative talents to their advantage is very exciting, it’s a good time to be in Byron.

Tell us about one of your proud filmmaking moments (a good chance to promote a film)?
This one’s easy haha. In January this year I had the opportunity to make a music video for my favourite song of all time, ‘Johnny Belinda’ by Active Child.

It is an extremely epic song and the full strength of the Northern Rivers’ storm season was needed to match it’s intensity. We chased a storm front behind Mt Warning to Chilingham and quickly turned back, as most of South East QLD flooded and came pouring down from Springbrook. I basically spent the whole summer chasing storms up and down the east coast, even journeying to the Snowy Mountains in pursuit of Australia’s most rugged landscapes.

The video was a great success, getting 50K views in the first week and a hugely positive response worldwide. This music video was the biggest project I’ve taken on and I’m so happy with the result, it has been an amazing experience.

What’s next for Dylan Wiehahn?
Web videos. My move back to Byron has come with a purpose, I am bringing my production business, Spring Pictures, to the Shire. Web video is taking off at the moment, Google has predicted 90% of all web traffic will be video by 2015. I want to help bring this boom to Byron, following in the footsteps of Byron Naturally by providing high quality web videos to local businesses. I’ll also keep making music vids in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, it’s just too much fun to miss haha.