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This Is Northern New South Wales

Mr Keith “Coffee” Christie

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Tell us how long you have lived in the region?
I have lived in the Byron shire now for about 13 1/2 years. I came up from Wollongong, or more precisely Kiama.

Keith, how did you get your nickname “coffee”?
When i first hit the shire I worked on the Railway maint on track. Hated it but it was a job. I was transferred up here and i thought only a matter of time before this track is closed, so i had bought a property of 9 acres and planted it out with about 5 thousand trees (coffee). I was extremely passionate about it. One of my co workers at the time said, “You shall be called from this day forward” ( I made that little bit up lol )… and it has stuck.

I no longer grow coffee but i do make the best one at the local markets. I have the bean machine van at Byron and all the local markets, so come and say hi.

How did you get into photography?
I picked up a Kodak 3.1 meg digital about 10 years ago, and I took a very ordinary shot of a bee and I went “WoW”! That’s when the journey begun.

What do you love about the creative process?
Taking a photo that no one has seen before, and I love bringing out the best I can in a photo via computer when editing.

Had any weird/bizarre things happen whilst being out their taking photos?
Seeing and shooting (not very well I might add) a white rainbow at about 5 am at the lighthouse, in a drizzly sort of morning. I have no idea why it showed up that morning (it was actually dark), but any meteorologists out there that can explain, I would love to know!!

“Photography is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”