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This Is Northern New South Wales

Quest of a Disposable Being

Quest and Misadventure of a Disposable Being
Visiting my daughter on Broken Head Rd., I said I’d head back towards town for a coffee. Why not go to Newrybar, she said, and explained how to get there. I sat down in the Harvest cafe, and suddenly had the strongest feeling that I should buy a take-away coffee and walk over to the antique shop across the road. Distracted by the attentions of a mangy cat, I left my coffee cup on a table by the entrance, and it wandered off, in search of personal development and the realising of a potential beyond disposability.  Curious, and inspired by such courage, I followed quietly, documenting its journey with my trusty camera.
The coffee cup was in turn inspired by the antiquity of perennial homewares in the antique store, and it browsed amongst the beautiful and lovingly crafted kitchen and dining hardwares – until it happened upon a Cookie Tin painted with the most entrancing porcelain coffee mug it had ever seen. Its heart was smitten, and the humble paper cup and antique cookie tin fell passionately in love. Surely anything is possible? they said to each other.
Outraged by my coffee cup’s pretensions above its station, the Standard Lamp placed it under house arrest and interrogated it under the most harsh conditions. Drained and weakened by the isolation and loneliness, the coffee cup broke down and confessed it was disposable and bio-degradable, and pleaded clemency on the grounds of its antique colour-scheme of sepia and rich loam brown. But sadly, the judgement of the assembly was – Death by Swamp – and so it came to pass.
With tender fingers I lifted my poor coffee cup from the slimy weeds, and buried it decently in the plastic rubbish bin outside the General Store. I drove out of town, bearing Newrybar no ill-will, for there are standards, and my cup had flouted them.Words and Photos by Hassanah Briedis.