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This Is Northern New South Wales

Remembering Jonno Howell

Jonno Howell : Rest in Peace xo

So often words cannot sum up a feeling or a photo, nor sum up a person.

This week the Common Ground of Byron Bay lost a very special man in Jonno Howell. Jonno was an integral part of the Common Ground team, and more importantly of our community. Jonno made such an impact on many through his personality, kind heart, and the wonder of his lens. These photos and words are a tribute to him.

It’s strange to let go of someone who still feels so close, and is now so far away. Our communities are the nurturing voice, for family and friends to come together, diving deep into the sadness, and to soon set sail again upon the sun-filled skies.

Through the loss, for many here in Byron Bay, it will be a long road of uncharted emotions. It’s also an experience I’m sure many of you can relate to within your own community, and within your own home. To honour such a special man, and through some of the images below Jonno captured whilst caressed by our beautiful ocean, let us celebrate what it is to be human this weekend, to know that life is truly a blessing, and it’s moments like these that re-mind you how lucky we are to be here.

Rest in Peace fellow J,

To remember how talented Jonno was, visit his photography website.