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This Is Northern New South Wales

Romeo vs Juliet

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We love creative submissions. Here is a great piece by Christie Stylian…The people we meet in Byron Bay all share a similar story – moving away from the city, leaving a corporate job in search of a more rewarding and relaxing lifestyle. Although my story is similar, mine is a story of love.I spent my whole childhood and most of my adult years in the same home of suburban Cronulla. The beach was an integral part of my life and I loved it.Then, out of nowhere, I met the love of my life. But, he just had to be from Melbourne. After 2 months of knowing each other, I moved to Melbourne and we moved in together.

What a shock to my system – freezing cold weather, no sun (well hardly ever), no beach (unless you count St Kilda and we know that just doesn’t cut it), no friends, no family. All I had was Michael.

I thought the love we shared was enough and I kept trying to make it work. I just didn’t belong there. I lasted 3 years.

The endless battle of Melbourne versus Sydney was destroying our relationship. I packed my bags and moved back to Cronulla with my parents. It was the hardest thing I have ever done.

Something within me couldn’t give up. I knew that we belonged together. I just couldn’t make him see that I was offering a better life together, a life by the beach.After months of useless persuasion, I said let’s move to Byron Bay!

Finally, he agreed.

It took 6 months before we actually made it to Byron Bay. We both felt a real sense of relief and freedom when we arrived. We have never looked back and Byron Bay saved us.

The landscape and magic of Byron Bay is a constant reminder that I am where I belong. Byron Bay inspires me to be grateful for everyday and to never lose hope of your dreams.

Get out there and live the life you love!

Photography is a way for me to express those feelings. I hope you enjoy my selection of photographs.
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