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This Is Northern New South Wales

Salty Serenity

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Salty Beginning : Byron Bay – More Photos

The week builds up and you wonder.

Where did those moments go? Where does the ocean live? How does the salt feel, as it touches my skin.

The clock gets close to 5, breathing a sigh of freedom. The closer the ocean gets to you, but it feels so far away. Thoughts wander to places you would rather be, to that salty feeling you can taste yet cannot see.

Repetition our friend and comfort, diving deep into the water, escaping the constant. Ever chilled. Ever warm. Laughing at your child-like wonder, forgotten as you got lost in your week. It’s now Friday. Do the things you want to be.

Here in Byron Bay, this ocean too is so close, yet also so far away. And no matter where you are this weekend, we hope you find your own… Salty Serenity.

Duality : Byron Bay – More Photos

Underneath : Byron Bay – More Photos

Before : Byron Bay – More Photos

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