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This Is Northern New South Wales

Skate from Canberra to Thredbo

So many causes, yet so many people to guide us toward a positive pride rich future. We all feel passionate towards one cause or another and if not judged against each other, all causes can be seen as a really cool form of education & inspiration for a better world.

There comes a time in ones life when a person feels compelled to fight for their cause and give a piece of themselves to society. And whether its blood, sweet and tears and/ or financial investment, its the intent towards a brighter future that should be celebrated. Acknowledgement of the passionate forerunner, the person behind the movement or the follower offering their bit to boost the collaborative, all assists with the of positive momentum of the cause.

In this case its not the forerunner but the foreskateboarder. And thats me, Chad Kolcze. I  aim to skate a long long way from the policy making boiling pot of Parliament House to the beautiful vibrant clean and healthy village of Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains. This grueling more up hill than down journey has come about for several reasons. With passion being at the heart of positive role-modeling and positive change.

As guest author, motivational speaker & positive role model, i intend this big skate to shine the light on current trends towards Childhood Obesity & Boys Lower Literacy Levels. Walking the walk (skating the skate) on an issue that see’s 1 in 4 Aussie children over weight or obese and a national trend that has boys literacy levels lower than girls & other nations. Visiting schools each leg of the journey and putting myself under the media spotlight is how this Awareness Campaign  plans to roll out.

Supporting this campaign and offering tools to improve current issues, is the launch of third title Shredding Snow. Indie Published books that inspire kids to DREAM BIG and live a healthy active lifestyle. Culminating with my push for positive change via skateboarding, i created these fun contemporary books to turn the wheels on boys lower literacy levels and inspire kids to be active through surf, skate and now snow sports picture books.

Join me as a skateboarding activist, undertaking a lap or two around parliament house with Peter Garrett (Minister for Education & Early Childhood) on Sept. 3rd 8am. Or be apart of the exciting AKB’s launch of our rad new title Shredding Snow (Jindabyne 7th Sept. 4pm Time2Ride shop). And if its a day on snow you are after, join the celebration of the big skate finale’ during a ‘Family Shred Day @ Thredbo (Sept.9th).

Photos with thanks to Evan Malcom – or find him on Facebook HERE