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This Is Northern New South Wales

The last 30mins…

Last 30mins : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

The sky is covered in a thick grey film. The air is chilly.

Days like today are when your mind runs away to your own special place. With the cooler air and clearer days, those last 30 mins of your day can be the most spectacular.

A couple days back, Alex Frings and Carly Brown captured a few memories of the sky-space, that lit up into a rainbow of joy. It was one those jaw-dropping sunsets, the ones that make you pull over on the side of the road and just think… WOW!

So here is a moment of escapeism people, enjoy it!

Multi-Scape : Byron Bay : Photos – Carly Brown

Fragmented Memories : Byron Bay : Photo – Carly Brown

Golden Warning : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings