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This Is Northern New South Wales

The North Western Blow

The North Western Blow : Byron Bay : Buy Photo

The long weekend is behind us.

The sky has opened up into blue. The wind is an unseasoned North-Westerly. The ocean is still untamed and moody. Balance is being restored. With a forecast of sunny days ahead, it’s time to dry out those clothes, come out from your cosy doona, and enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun.

This morning started off with a white cool, like the sky was adjusting to sunlight. Footsteps waltzing around Cape Byron, dolphins dancing whilst puddles evaporated. Birds slept standing up, while a lonely starfish meeting it’s maker. The wonderful simplicity of eyes open at 7:30am.

Oh, it’s a full moon tonight. Good-luck trying to sleep. There is also rumour of a Lunar Eclipse…

Luko the Ghost : Byron Bay : Photo – Joggly