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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Northerly

The Northerly wind is the sign of something to come.

In the late days of Winter, a Northerly wind precedes a dramatic change in weather. By the time you read this, Byron will already start to feel the chilly winds from the west, and the evolving stature of a low pressure system off the coast.

I was up before the sun rose this morning. I still couldn’t see the round god amidst the thick pilgrimage of Grey post-rise. Only the mad and the fitness-fanatical were in tune with the salty air from the north. The beaches were empty, footprints disappear with every step in the sand. Birds end up back where they started.

As time and wind prevailed, the sunlight offered dual moments of capture and clarity to this interesting looking landscape. On one side of Cape Byron is a large swell doing it’s best to look majestic, the northern side is an ocean put through a blender.

As you can feel through these words, madness fills your veins when the Northerly winds takes it’s hold…

And then the wind changes.

Words and Photos by Johnny Abegg