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This Is Northern New South Wales


Whenever people reminisce about old friendships, old canine friends often come to mind just as much as human friends.

At least this is certainly true for me, especially after having to leave “Starsky” behind upon me moving to Australia.  I loved Starsky, he was a shepherd dog, black with orange socks, curly tail, and a white star on his chest.  So upon arriving in Byron I was pleased to see that there were many more Starsky’s to be found at Belongil Beach, granted none of them could ever quite be the same, but all these dog’s were still as happy to see me and my camera as I remember Starsky was.

Here is an sampling of some of the canine friends I’ve most enjoyed being around and photographing.  I must also thank all their owners, who were always very gracious in letting me photograph their canine counterparts.

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Words & Images by Winston Struye

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