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This Is Northern New South Wales

A Whale Tale

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Recently we went on an unforgettable adventure experiencing a whales life as they migrate up and down the east coast. The trip started with strong northerly winds, slamming waves and churning stomachs as we motored 28 hours north to Hervey Bay.

The oncoming swell, constant diesel engines and the up and down sea saw ride sent our belly’s grumbling and churning.  We felt very much at peace arriving at the southern tip of Fraser Island where we anchored and rested in the shelter from the strong wind and swell.

The next morning, a thick fog surrounded us giving off a very eerie feeling. The nearby dolphins were fishing in the fog, trumpeting out their blowholes as they swam around our boat giving the morning a unique-priceless feeling.

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Along the way whales were throwing themselves out of the water in what seemed like a competition to see who could have the most fun.  It seemed like the whales sole job was to have a whole lot of fun and teach their young to do the same.

Once at the northern tip of Fraser Island, it was unreal to have these giant mammals swimming casually by the boat saying hello with a fin or two or sending their sonar communication through the water and our thin hulls.

We could literally hear the whales singing and talking while sitting in our cabins. I had to pinch myself to realize it wasn’t a recorded audio.  After jumping off the boat and swimming in the water the noise became even more amplified and the experience more unreal.

It was a magic time experiencing the whales migration in the company of good people, food, cups of tea, beautiful light and changing landscapes. I especially enjoyed the myriad of colours throughout the days and the ever-changing landscapes. I was challenged to capture something unique in a confined space, but it allowed me to play around with the changing light and new environment. The conditions coupled with the wildlife made for an unforgettable time and a quick weight loss program haha… Enjoy the photos.

Words and Images by Daniel Ridgley Hewitt

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Words and Images by Daniel Ridgley Hewitt