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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Beards at The Northern

The Beards
played at The Northern, and it was a treat for anyone lucky enough to catch them.

Photos and words by Jai Long

“I was sceptical about how a band called The Beards could sing about nothing but beards and maintain a captivated audience. But with the lead singer charisma of one might say , a Jack Black impersonator and a killer rock voice to follow, this might be one of the most entertaining shows I have seen. You can not watch this band with out smile on your face. Its funny, random and the notion of beard pride was explained to me in the song “No Beard, No Good” – in a way their act made sense.

The Band as you may expect, all have epic amounts of facial hair, and are not shy about expressing their enthusiasm for beards. They boast about their attempts to make many more men bearded by the end of their tour. There was undoubtedly beard envy last night. Clean shaved men lingered in the shadows at the back of the room. While fury faced men wagged and protruded their chins on the dance floor and if you are, as The Beards would say an ‘an inbettween’ (no matter how hard you try to grow a bit of bush on your cheeks, your left with nothing but random sprouts of wispy curls) this show may be a little unnerving.

For me I see the bearded types a little differently now. A bearded man is not just lazy, homeless or a hipster with an appeal to folk music. They are men standing their ground, letting their facial hair grow no matter how many metro types surround them…”

Photos and words by Jai Long