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This Is Northern New South Wales

Rabbits Eat Lettuce



Taking place over the Easter weekend, this year’s Rabbits Eat Lettuce electronic dance music festival will be held at Woodfordia for the first time. Home of the Woodford Folk and Dreaming festivals, the 500-acre environmental parkland is located on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, on Jinibara Country. “The land is abundant in native trees, ponds, shade, and colonies of butterflies,” said spokesperson Johannah Morris. “A Woodfordia virgin will be entranced in the lights and beats through the night and through the trees.”

In addition to its new location, the four-day event will feature three fully themed dance stages as well as a public lounge space for relaxing, impromptu poetry readings, live music and “good old-fashioned cuddle puddles”. “We have a desire to push away from negative connotations that surround dance parties as we have grown out of that context and into a festival that provides a full range of activities including music, yoga and art,” Johannah explained. “Our values are very much about respect for each other, and the planet, and we strive to have that resonate to our patrons through our ‘Stay Classy’ policy on our website.”



Founded in 2009 by Erik Lamir, REL has evolved from clandestine dance parties into a fully fledged festival attracting DJ’s from Europe, America, and across Australia. This year’s headline acts include Golden Features, Willow Beats and Wave Racer. Tickets cost $220 and this includes camping for all four days and amenities including hot showers.

Check out the festival line-up here.

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