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This Is Northern New South Wales

Mullum Magic

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I got in early so I could get a seat in the front row at The Mullumbimby Civic Hall on Saturday evening to watch 21yr old Julien Baker all the way from Memphis sing one of my favourites “Something” from her album “Sprained Ankle”. I sat next to a family from the Gold Coast who kindly shuffled along so my camera and I could have the best seat in exchange for a photo of Julien. At the end of the show, I looked over and just like me, Chris and his wife Megan, her Dad and Sister all had tears in their eye’s. Julien’s performance was stunning. But this was a common occurrence (just ask everyone that attended the Bread and Butter duets session yesterday) across the whole festival the musical talent was exceptional.

Yesterday in the street parade the joy was overwhelming. Over a thousand people were dancing, clapping, playing guitars, finger symbols, tambourines, trumpets, trombones I even saw a plastic toy Xylophone and everything in between. The whole community and its guests feeling the love that The Mullum Music Festival continues to capture and improve on year after year.

The music was magic, the crowd was magic, the vibe was magic, the weather was magic, Mullum Music Festival you create magic!


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