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This Is Northern New South Wales

Artistry on a Log

Joel Tudor is one of the greatest loggers to ever put all ten of his toes on the nose. He proved it once again winning the $10,000 from Pacifico.

Every Summer the city of Huntington Beach CA, host the world’s largest beach festival featuring 7 days of music, bmx, skateboarding, fashion, parties, and of coarse SURFING.

Over 500.000 fans flock to the beach hoping to see the world’s best surfers progress the sport with massive airs and man size turns. But for some, they braved the crowds and horrific parking to witness the art show.

Yes, an art show featuring the worlds most renowned nose riders as they paddled out for a Final to determine the winner of the Pacifico Nose Riding Invitational and $10,000.

The art of logging (longboarding) may of fallen from the mainstream in recent years but that’s not to say it vanished rather it’s become more of an underground art form .

Fans of logging such of myself were treated to some epic retro style surfing by some of the best nose riders in the world, past and present including the likes of legends Herbie Fletcher, David Nuuhiwa, Alex Knost, and Joel Tudor.


Alex Knost and Tyler Warren share an intimate moment as they nose ride a choreographed waltz.

Surfing Legend Herbie Fletcher looks for some cover on the way to his nose in the shore break of Huntington Beach.

Harrison Roach’s style derives from one of the best longboarding waves in the world, Noosa Heads.

Alex Knost bleeds style. He can surf anything and still look good doing it.