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Elizabeth Rose Interview

On the eve of Sunday Safari this weekend (27th January), we got bit of insight into the world of Elizabeth Rose, who will be performing alongside Van She at the Beach Hotel

How have you found the reception of your debut EP ‘Crystallise’?
I’ve had only a good response from it which has been really encouraging and relieving! I think people have been waiting a while now for me to release an EP and I took my time in preparing all of the tracks for it because I’m a bit of perfectionist really ha ha…but I’m happy with how it turned out and so do the fans – that’s all that matters really!

You have already had the chance to perform alongside some of Australia’s best dance acts at some of our biggest festivals, who would you love to share a stage with one day?

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs!!! I’m a huge fan of his work and his live shows are incredible – it would be awesome to share a stage with him some day….and another big goal of mine is to share a stage with The Knife – I’m beyond excited about their upcoming album and I hope they do a tour out here.

You’re so young and you have made so much headway in your industry, how young were you when you knew you wanted a career in music? Writing music and singing has always been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until about the age of 12 or 13 when I really started to think about it seriously as a career. I started high school at Mcdonald College on a music scholarship in year 7 and being surrounded by so many talented kids was so competitive. I really wanted to stand out and do well there – I met a lot of cool people, Tom Rawle (Papa vs Pretty) was in my music class a year below me and we’re writing together now! I changed high schools midway and finished up at a Catholic all girls school with barely any facilities for the music classes – but this kind of made me more hungry for it. I started to produce music at home after school and it just kept evolving from there…!

What and who was your biggest musical influence growing up?
Sounds cheesy…but my older brother Anthony – he is a DJ/producer HooknSling and seeing him produce his music (when he lived at home) looked like so much fun when I was about 7…! Seeing him work hard really made an impression on me and that was a big musical influence – I’m a lot like him in regards to our work ethics…well so my Dad says anyway. Once I start something, I begin an obsession with it and won’t let it go until it’s done – probably why it took me a while to release my first EP haha!

What is the biggest point you have learnt about the music industry so far?
Networking and who you know really plays a big part in starting out and getting your music out there – especially for me, and I’ve been really lucky. I wouldn’t of had the opportunity to work with Sinden if it wasn’t for EMI – their AnR team found my music 5 years ago on Myspace and just knowing them in itself has opened up a lot of connections with other local and international artists, managers, booking agents…all these little pieces here and there create this one big overall picture that is ‘you’ as an artist so it seems. I’ve learnt that you really gotta put yourself out there and try be heard! It ain’t that easy though..

If you weren’t writing and producing music what would you be doing?
I’ve thought about that…so if I wasn’t a musician at all? I’d be a vet I think – I’m a big animal lover, especially dogs…I think that’s what I’d do!

Where is Elizabeth Rose headed now?
I am back to writing! Looking to release another EP mid year – I have some big plans for this year…some exciting shows coming up and a few tours – overseas travel is on the cards also. Oh! Almost forgot – I am so excited about this – I’m on the next Flight Facilities single!!!

Checkout Elizabeth Rose perform alongside Van She at Sunday Safari this weekend (27th), Beach Hotel, Byron Bay. Tickets on sale now – available from The Beach Hotel Bottle Shop and online at Moshtix.