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This Is Northern New South Wales


Early Skateboards, Flavio Biehl and Rest Your Eyes Production put together a day of Skateboarding with Freeriding & Racing for Girls & Grommets at Lennox Head this weekend.

Over 30 stoked kids showed up with their parents to the hill located in a quiet estate. A lot of new faces coming all the way from Brisbane for the race where seen amongst the local keen Byron Side walk Surfer Skate Groms.

It was a perfect hill with a sweeping  left hander that lead into a hairpin right hander followed by a turn zone where most of the action took place. Riders who where in front  often found them self with too much speed and they would drift out on to the grass only to see every one else cross the finish line.

It turned out to be a great day of downhill racing & good times!! With everyone pushing their riding to win some of the awesome  prizes from Early Skateboards. Byron Bay Skater Daniel Witchey took home first Place in the Under 16.s , Connor Ferguson from Brisbane took out out the under 14’s and  Gemma Holland from Gold Coast won the Womans followed by Kate Daniel from Byron.

A massive buzz goes out to all who skated & helped out to make such a day possible.

All photos by Flavio Behl –