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This Is Northern New South Wales

Husky Interview – Mullum Music Festival

One band not to be missed at this years Mullum Music Festival is Husky. With only days until the festival kicks off, we got a chance to ask the boys a few questions…

You’ve played Mullum festival before, what do you like about the festival?
We played Mullum fest last year and there was certainly a lot to like about it. It’s one of those festivals that’s big enough to draw an excellent program of artists but small enough to still feel intimate and special. I also love how the festival is built into the beautiful quaint town of Mullum, and for a few days the town and festival become one.

Strangest/funniest/most quintessentially American experience you had on your recent US tour?
We did a workshop with some high school kids in Kansas. It was an amazing experience for us to see the inside of a real American school after all that we had learnt from movies, books and television shows that we’d all grown up with. Sometimes it’s the little things in new places that can be the most interesting.

How was Husky received in the US?
This last US tour was our first big headline run in the states and it definitely had its ups and downs. Doing driving tours in the US can be challenging as the distances between cities can be so great. But one thing that’s for sure is that American audiences are incredibly warm and appreciative contrary to what I might have thought.

We’ve been told that your song Tidal Wave had its beginnings in Byron Bay – can you tell us a bit about it?
Wish that was true but unfortunately not. I think  it was written down south during the winter months in cold old Melbourne.

Do Husky have any other connections with the area?
We all spent a lot of time in Byron and surrounding areas particularly in our early 20’s. Luke grew up in the area and studied drums at Southern Cross University in Lismore. We all have nostalgic memories of that part of the world  including many amazing gigs- both seen and played, friends made, street jams, parties in balmy nights, lovers found and lovers lost, skinny dipping beneath a silvery moon. The list goes on..

You’ve had a lot of good support from triple J radio. How do you feel this has helped you to tour to regional areas of Australia like Mullum?
Absolutely. Triple J clearly has a very wide national reach and lots of people discover a range of new bands through the station. Support from national radio has helped a lot by exposing our music to a greater audience and we’ve done some amazing regional shows around the country in the last year or so.

The Mullum Music Festival kicks off Saturday (22nd), running through to Tuesday (25th). Get your tickets HERE.