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This Is Northern New South Wales

Lisa Hunt – Soul Songstress


The hills are alive with the sound of  SWEET SOUL MUSIC!  The Shire’s own American Soul Sister, Lisa Hunt and her band will sing it from the hilltops at The Bangalow Bowlo on Friday March 1st. Lisa Hunt has shared the stage with the likes off Eric Clapton, Andre Bocelli and Ray Charles and has sold over a million records.

Lukas Birch was lucky enough to catch up with the Bays very own soul songstress.

Who is Lisa Hunt?
Singer, Wife, Friend and would be People’s Princess.

If you could pick one person to sing with and one Broadway show to perform in who and what would they be?
I should say Aretha as she’s my all time favourite but realistically speaking, I’d love to record with Darren Percival (2nd place winner on ‘The Voice’ as I just think our voices would make some magic together). Broadway… A lifelong dream would be the leading role in ‘Dreamgirls’.

All time favourite song? And why?
‘Natural Woman’, ‘Dock of the Bay’ and current favourite ‘Hallelujah’. They are amazing songs that take me on an emotional journey. My favourite type of song to sing.


You’ve performed all around the world, so what makes the Byron Shire so special to perform at and call home?
The audience here in Byron is consistently positive, supportive, enthusiastic and they love to listen and DANCE!!! A perfect match really.

As a home base it’s the exact opposite of my hometown of New York City; I love the contrast. Byron is laid back but still groovy with artists, surfers and eccentrics – oh my! My kind of place; oh and lots of SPACE!!!

What’s the best part of performing somewhere you have never performed before?
Winning hearts…

What are the audience in for?
Great, great songs from Motown, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk and Disco eras. Performed well and lots of fun and laughter. Dance or Listen…this music has stood the test of time and I love it and I am certain it will bring joy to the listener.

What does 2013 have in store for you?
Music.Travel.Love…same as last year and hopefully the same as next year. It’s a good life.

Lisa Hunt in 10 years?
Oh goodness. Hopefully healthy and happy.

Lisa Hunt- The Broadway Musical/Movie who would play you?
Amber Riley from ‘Glee’. She reminds me so much of myself growing up and living to sing and doing the showbiz thang.

Lisa Hunt and her band are a must see and are performing a special show for the first time at the Bangalow Bowling Club this Friday March 1st at 8pm.

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Interview by Lukas Birch. Images supplied by and care of Lukas Birch & Ku Promotions.