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This Is Northern New South Wales

M. Jack Bee

If you haven’t heard of M. Jack Bee locally here in Byron Bay. You truly have been lost in translation. His live shows. His passion. His music. He is one of those musicians that can ‘get’ you in that special place and make you feel something.

I recently left Mikey to ramble into a camera, play a couple tunes on my porch and drink my last drop of Whiskey. He rambled for 20 minutes, made little sense, while I sat in a nearby paddock, wondering what he would say.

The one thing I did learn was… never leave a camera alone with a musician. A few brief questions with M. Jack below…

OK so, we know you too well Mikey, so what shall we ask you?
To come round for some bocce?

I heard you can surf… True?
Hardly, but I do enjoy a flounder.

What’s next musically for you?
I’m currently touring with Pete Murray, who invited me on his national tour which I’ve been doing over October and into November. I’m also releasing a 7″ vinyl with two new tracks recorded live in a Sydney studio, and then doing my own little tour throughout November and December, culminating with a hometown show at The Northern on Dec 2.

Then I think I’ll sleep and repeat.

Favorite drink? Tell us about those vices?
Anything wet, you know me brother!! I’m actually writing this from Tel Aviv where I have developed a taste for Long Island Ice Tea, but I have trouble walking past an Irish whiskey, its good for what ails ya.

What’s the dream Mikey? Is it something further ahead? Is it now?

The dream is to playing music all over the place most of the time, so now is pretty damn close. I want to be making records when I’m 70 and older, to be constantly surprised and inspired, to find sound that can move me, and hopefully find a whole lot of people who want to listen and be a part of this trip.

M Jack Bee – Sound Of Love
by MuchoBravado

Mikey also would love your vote in the TripleJ Unearthed competition. You can fling a vote his way HERE. He is also playing Wednesday 26th with Pete Murray at the Bangalow A&I Hall. Don’t Miss it! Get tickets HERE.

Thanks to Sybil Steele and Carly Brown for the additional pics!