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This Is Northern New South Wales

Ocean Commando

Beau Young : Photo – Alex Frings


Words by Alex Frings

With a big south swell maxing mid week, I headed south. ‘The Ox’ was ridiculously crowded with the reminence of Gromfest. There were a few gems on offer, with Jetski’s the weapons of choice.

Beau Young was a bit of a standout, but the heaviest scenario of the day happened to Craig Parry. He was shooting from the water and lost his camera. Jarrah Linklater and I watched it get smashed over the rocks for 20minutes while we attempted to direct him to it.

I wonder what the housing looks like. Enjoy the pics.

Shaun Cansdell : Photo – Jarrah Linklater

Exit Point : Photo – Alex Frings

The Assistance Team : Photo – Jarrah Linklater

Craig finds his camera : Photo – Jarrah Linklater