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This Is Northern New South Wales

Sunday Safari!

Hitting the shores of Byron Bay for the second time this year, Harvest Promotions presents Sunday Safari; a multitude of tasteful debauchery and entertainment for the masses. The masses being the select few who are in the mood for a classy Sunday session this November 27.

The line-up includes Australian jetsetters Flight Facilities as well as newcomers New Navy. To top it off, Harvest Promotions have organised for up-and-coming rapper Bangs to join the appropriately selected team of dynamics, and has an interview with the Sudanian on the eve of this weekends Sunday Safari!!!

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Flight Facilities – Feeling by flightfacilities

Bangs, you moved to Melbourne, Australia at a young age, what can you tell us about the differences between Sudan’s music culture and Australia’s?
We only listened to Arabic music and African music, so only when I came to Australia that I started to listen to English music, and I was inspired by Hip-hop, RNB & Pop, so I got into it!

You started off as quite an Internet sensation, but now moving into much more serious terms of rapping especially with your debut album – how has the internet helped in your progression and what opportunities has it given you?
The Internet helped me a lot to get noticed. I could promote my music through YouTube and reach a big audience without going anywhere. Without the internet I wouldn’t go somewhere far and be noticed.

What kinds of difficulties have you run into along the way?
Well I do all my music alone, I write my own songs, I make my own beats, I shoot my own videos, so the difficulties thing is I don’t have people around me to help me with my music.

Specifically, what sorts of things influence you and your music?
I write music to let people understand my story, to make people happy, and to give them what they always want to hear, especially my fans.

As far as I can tell, Byron Bay is keen on your performance on Sunday – what other places around Australia has your rapping taken you to and what places have left a lasting impression?
I have been all over Australia. The only state left is Tasmania.

Finally, any advice for the enthusiastic amateur rappers out there in Australia?
Well my advice for the rappers in Australia is they have to work hard to get to where they want to be. Dreams do come to you, but you have to chest your dreams and work hard. I want to give big thanks to my fans in Brisbane for supporting your boy bangs!! Big Thanks to all of you!

Sunday Safari is this Sunday, November 27 from 3pm until 10pm at the Byron Bay Brewery – Don’t forget that date!

Drink specials from 4pm until 6 pm: $10 jugs of Beer & Sangria, $8 Mojitos & Pina Coladas, $3 beers & champagne. Tickets for Sunday Safari are $20 and are on sale now from or at the venue.

You can also WIN TICKETS… to find out more CLICK HERE.