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Emerging from the depths of creation, the electronica angel SYREN is set to release her debut album ‘Love A 1000 Faces’ featuring the hit single ‘Who Feels the Love’. The hit single’s music video release in May 2017 reached over 100,000 people and continues to grow after being featured in leading dance music publication EDMSAUCE. The album is a follow up to the previous debut EP, ‘A Feather To The Sea’.


The journey for the music video ‘Who Feels The Love’ really began when I met my beloved Dylan Wallace on November 11th of 2015 in Suffolk Park.  A love that called us to pack our bags and travel the east coast of Australia in wait for a US visa, along the way we found ourselves in the Blue Mountains house-sitting for a month during Winter.  It was at this house we invited our director Adam Dostalek to spend a day visioning, writing, conceptualising, storyboarding, eating gourmet cheese and organising how we would make the shoot happen at Red Rock Canyon State Park all the way over in the States.

With the video concept created the next part of the journey saw Dylan and I fly out to to Kauai in October 2016 then onto California where we hopped in a Minnie Winnie motor home to do a Red Rock location scout before exploring the rest of California.  Still with time before our February ‘17 shoot it was on to Mexico and Costa Rica to take in the tropical vibes and surfing over the New Year period and perform gigs for New Years Eve and ecstatic dance in Santa Teresa.

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Our journey was a long one full of magic and divine timing such as meeting Mike Tilley the owner of the blue Mustang that you see in the clip at a Native American Festival in Ridgecrest on Dylan’s birthday.  We had been looking for a convertible blue Mustang for months through car rental companies, car clubs and different contacts to no avail, it was beautiful to realise Mike and his ’65 Mustang had been waiting for us the whole time and now shows so beautifully in the video.

Jump to Feb 9th and the sun was shining for us on the day of our shoot, Adam Dostalek directing a cracking team of professionals for an intense 18-hour day of filming…..

Enjoy watching!

SYREN is a singer, electronic producer and a multi-instrumentalist based in Byron Bay. Her sound is a melting pot of earthy, electronic, tribal, trip hop beats. The unique sound is conveyed in her new album, mesmerizing listeners through a journey of the multi-faceted human experience.

SYREN’s 2014 national tour saw the talented musician amass a loyal fan base, playing to packed out shows around Australia and creating special open-air shows on the beach of Australia’s Northern Territory. SYREN’s live shows bring the mystical experience of her music to life with synths, smoky vocals, and a full stage of diverse musicians and dancers.

SYREN’s spirited stage presence and sound has taken her to play at Australia’s leading music festivals including Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Earth Frequency and Eclipse Festival AUS.

The initial online frenzy and overflow of love created by the album’s featured single and visual experience and the support shown by renowned industry publications, is just a taste of the attention that SYREN’s, ‘Love A 1000 Faces’ is about to attract.


SYREN with Friends + The SHAMANIC WOMEN’S CHOIR Live at the Brunswick Picture House
Friday 7th of July from 7pm to 9pm sharp Tickets $15
+The Official Music Video ‘Who Feels The Love’ will be played on the big screen
+Mesmerizing Dancers
+ Cocoa Drinks and elixirs served on the night.

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Instagram: @syrenmusic  

Photography by Sarah Gray – www.

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