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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Ecology/Photography juggle

A local ecologist and photographer, Mandy Lisson particularly love to blend the two, photographing the local flora, fauna and natural landscapes of the Northern Rivers.

“The desire for the next great shot gets me out and about, seeing the amazing places this region has on offer. It’s like being a tourist in my own town.”

Mandy has lived in the Northern Rivers region for over 15 year,s and there are still so many local places she haven’t been to yet.

“I can often be found standing in the middle of creeks photographing waterfalls, at the beach way after dark getting those slow shutter shots, or breaking my back with my big girl lens chasing shorebirds around.”

Keep an eye for plenty of images from Mandy, as we welcome her to the CG contributor team:

Mandy’s thoughts on each of her photos below… Enjoy.


Boulders Beach.

“A filmy at heart, black and white was always a big favourite of mine, and I have spent hours in dark rooms dodging and burning. I am slowly learning the ways of digital photography and how to edit black and white to get those nice crisp tones that good black and white film photography could create. I’m getting there.”


Byron Lighthouse

“What’s not to love…she’s a beauty.  I’m not sure if it’s a sign of old age but I’ve been scoping out lighthouses to photograph everywhere I go.”

Evans Sunset-0428

Evans River Sunset

“My sunset prediction skills are getting better. The sky on the afternoon this shot was taken had all the makings of a good one….light spread of low stratus clouds and an opening to the west. I grabbed my gear and headed to the river in Evans Head where I knew I could get nice colours on the water and a good patch of sky. The sunset exceeded my expectations.”



“I could fill an album with photos I’ve taken of weeds and grasses. I love it when the light shines through grass seed heads. Much of my life is spent on the side of the road, head on the ground photographing afternoon light coming through the weeds. The sub-tropics provide a bounty of them.”


Ballina South Wall.

“I was hoping to get a photo of the full moon rising over the ocean but instead got this beautiful storm rolling in and the moon was a no show. I think a lot of locals hate these concrete reinforcement blocks but I think they make really cool composition.”