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Double Barrel

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‘Double Barrel’ is one chapter of a global story. In places like Bali, Fiji, South Africa, even around our own coast, we are seeing the destructive force of development and greed. But, in just the same way, the project and the sustainable redevelopment of Lobitos will pave the way for similar projects around the world. Harold envisages an eco surf community, bringing income back to the struggling town. The Lobitos Project will set the benchmark, bringing acute environmental awareness to the community, including waste management systems, solar energy and, most importantly, an education in sustainability to the local area.

Straight off its global launch in Peru, Double Barrel Film is ready for a line up of worldwide premieres including the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival in the USA.

Double Barrel is a travel and surf documentary that follows Australian journalist Angie Davis and Peruvian surf guide Harold Koechlin to northern Peru. Passionate about surfing and the environment, these like-minded friends share the story of the oil-dominated town Lobitos, with a goal to unite local and international surfing communities to protect the coastline that fringes the region. A story about travel, friendship, the ocean, and change, Double Barrel inspires us all to travel with a conscience and follow our dreams.

Double Barrel will screen its USA premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival as part of a special documentary segment ‘Surfing South America’, alongside Chris Malloy’s ‘The Fisherman’s Son’, and Frank Sun’s ‘Thank You, Surf Again’.

World Premiere Dates:

February 4th, Fiesta Theatre 1, 10pm, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA
February 7th, Lobero Theatre, 11am, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA
February 27th, 6pm, Stone and Wood Brewery, Byron Bay, Australia *Karma Keg and Food proceeds donated to marine protection project in Lobitos, Peru.

Upcoming Festivals:

Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Marche du Cannes
Canarias Surf Film Festival
Madrid Surf Film Festival

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