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This Is Northern New South Wales

Splendour in The Grass 2023

Sparkling Splendor:

Splendour in the Grass returned with a bang in 2023, delivering an unforgettable three-day celebration that set festival-goers’ hearts and spirits soaring. With a diverse lineup, immersive art installations, and a euphoric atmosphere, this year’s edition proved to be a quintessential musical extravaganza.

Musical Bliss:
Splendor in the Grass 2023 delivered an impeccable lineup that catered to a wide range of musical tastes. From pulsating EDM anthems to soul-stirring indie melodies, souring sing alongs and everything in between, the festival stages were a vibrant hub of non-stop energy. Headliners captivating the audience with their electrifying performances and infectious energy. Meanwhile, hidden gems from various genres on smaller stages provided an eclectic mix that kept attendees on their toes. This diverse musical tapestry ensured that there was something special for everyone.

Immersive Art and Decor:
The artistic expression at Splendor in the Grass 2023 was nothing short of breathtaking. Collaborating with talented artists, the festival brilliantly transformed the venue into an otherworldly wonderland. Vibrant, larger-than-life installation art works to captivating interactive art like the Cloud Bridge & Hiromi Hotel creating atmosphere that amplified the festival experience. From sunrise yoga sessions in the midst of an enchanted forest to impromptu dance parties to the pub rock vibes of the Byron Brewery stage , every step taken within the festival grounds was engulfed in a kaleidoscope of visual delight.

Beyond the music and art, what truly made Splendor in the Grass 2023 stand out was the sense of community and connection that permeated throughout the festival made for an incredibly positive vibe. It felt like a temporary utopia where people from all walks of life came together to celebrate their love or music.
Until next year, when the Splendour will once again come alive with music, dreams, and boundless joy.

Images LisaGPhotography