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This Is Northern New South Wales


‘Kurungabaa’ is a Dharawal word for the Australian pelican, a handsome bird with a peculiar way of gliding low over the waves. It was chosen it to express respect for the Dharawal country where we love to surf, to celebrate the continuing culture of the Dharawal people, and to acknowledge the memory of the Dharawal people’s ancestors.

Kurungabaa is a not-for-profit volunteer publication, and is published bi-annually (June and December) as a hard copy by the generosity of subscribers and donors. The publication offers diverse genres including poetry, fiction, reflective and scholarly essays, memoirs, review essays, and interviews. Four pages each issue are made available for a photo essay or series of art reproductions by a single photographer or artist.

Emerging writers from coastlines around the world are encouraged to submit their work. Several pages will be dedicated to emerging authors in each issue. Editorial and writing assistance can be arranged, if requested.

With its 7th edition just back from the printers, the latest issue is themed ‘Strangers’, exploring the relationships and connections we find ourselves sharing with the ocean. In this edition, the strangeness of our oceanic connections is explored by a range of contributors including words from Pat Grant, Tom Mahony, Emily Scheese and Jim Hearn, and images from Bryant Austin and Parick Gorbunovs.

To find out more, and to get your hands on the latest issue, or to become a subscriber, go to the blog,